Thursday, August 10, 2017



make tactile art
invent a non-competitive sport
read all the books I own
finish theory class (by aug 16th, 6 days from now)
study graphics and be ready to fucking pass it next time
study other classes that I still need
test out of any classes possible
eat 1200-1500 cals per day
walk 10 miles per day (jogging counts double, 1 hour of standing counts as one mile)
other daily exercise
- stretch
- plank
- triceps
- other?
- sign up for that gym
- go to that park again, try to go regularly
- find people to play tennis, catch, frisbee with
- swimming
lose weight (get down to 159, no less than 118)
sign up for classes
apply for jobs
get a job
do laundry once a week
figure out how to pay electricity, internet
pay electricity, internet, rent every month
become fluent in multiple languages
write a spanish textbook
make that spanish app
make spanish videos
finish watching all the shows i've started

look back at other goals lists i've made to see what I'm missing.

most urgent is apply for jobs, get job, finish theory, sign up for classes, pay electricity, pay internet, pay rent.


  1. I've had 790 calories today, after I finish what I'm eating currently. I woke up at 11. I should wait till 7 I guess to eat again and it will be a slimfast. then i can eat again after 11pm, not sure what I'll eat then.

  2. yesterday's diet was a success. I forgot to count one cookie I ate, so after adding that in I ate 1514 calories, but that's close enough. My mom said I don't have to count the modem as part of my monthly expenses so I could go buy more junkfood if I want lool

  3. most important goals for today, friday:
    apply for 4 jobs, reapply for mc, call them back.
    theory hw
    1500 cals (i've already had 160)

  4. I made a standing desk for my computer. It's not quite as tall as I want, but it's almost and it's better than sitting on the couch I think.