Friday, August 4, 2017


I applied at mcdonald's online.
genghis grill on paper a while ago.
applied at taco bell online with a password, it was place number.
applied online sonic carhop and I tried to apply to be a "crew member" but the website didn't make any sense.  I don't know if I actually applied for it or not.  RilianXI, same.
waffle house online, secret question what nothing.  login like school email, pw extra numbers to nine.

the website says i have to apply at dunkin donuts on paper.
arby's website claims no openings

while i was applying to taco bell, i needed to look up nicole's email and I accidentally closed all the tabs.  it's like, you're trying to move the cursor and it acts like you clicked.  it shouldn't be that easy to close 16 tabs.

applying isn't so bad since I just estimate the dates of my previous jobs.  it's less stressful than trying horribly for hours to find the exact dates.


  1. wendy's
    burger king
    ^ all by buggy apt.

  2. Hunter wants to leave by 10 at the latest. So I should go do laundry now (it can just barely be done by 9:30 if I start now.) and take a bath and brush my teeth and eat some applesauce and charge my phone and pack for the trip and if there's time, move my stuff into my room so as not to confuse the movers on sunday/monday. also i'm confused about how moving on monday works with his dad's job.

  3. I started laundry, phone is charging, I can't really pack till my clothes are done, I'll take a bath and brush my teeth after I put clothes to dry, I'm hungry, I have 15 minutes to eat and move my stuff to my room.

  4. Applied to two burger kings, call them to make sure the apple worked.

  5. Wendy's didn't list any availabilities on their website.