Tuesday, August 22, 2017

to-do before 6

I was laying down to go to sleep when I saw two tiny bugs on the wall.  So I got up and sprayed them and now I'm staying up all night yea.

To do list:
try electricity account again
look at internet account
call internet people
possibly set up payment and pay money on cc
read ch 2

I just remembered about the time my mom was on the phone with me and then she accidentally drove halfway to the wrong job.

pick up trash

anything else?

consult other to-do lists.
check physics books price before class.

generally, read physics book, read s.e. book, read other books, practice things, learn things, pass classes.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


I just saw a rather big bug in the kitchen.  As soon as it gets light out, which will be about 6, I'm a go get some raid and then clean and spray as necessary and probably spray everywhere anyway and then go outside for a while, and also I think I might need to buy some kind of vacuum cleaner instead of waiting to get that one from dallas.

I hate bugs.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

spanish book

I'm gonna use the 1-1000 words and make some stupid spanish sentences or something.
do i have to like credit something or pay someone or something?
i wonder exactly how I should go about this.
fuck it, even though it can't necessarily be published, I'm going to try it with a book I have.  a book series.  roswell high?  harry potter?  I have some of the harry potter books with me, I don't have the roswell high books here.  I think I'll try it with harry potter, and I just won't bother translating the made-up harry potter words.
but which words to translate?
despite it being tedious, I will copy all of harry potter onto a text document and then see what the most common words are.  maybe I could find the text already online somehow but i've tried before and haven't found it.  I don't know if an ebook would let me copy text.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

random spanish translation

Hi.  My name is Rilian.  I was born in Oklahoma, but I have lived most of my life in Texas.  I was born in 1987.  I was the first grandchild in my mom's family.  My brother is the last grandchild in my dad's family.  Technically another grandchild could appear, but it's been 24 years and all of my dad's siblings are old.  My grandparents are Baptists, but both of my parents left religion before I was born, so I was raised atheist.

Hola.  Me llamo Rilian.  Nací en Oklahoma, pero he vivido la mayoría de me vida en Texas.  Yo nací en el año 1987.  Fue el primer nieto en la familia de mi madre.  Mi hermano es el último nieto en la familia de mi padre.  De veras, otro nieto puede aparecer, pero han pasado 24 años y todos los hermanos de mi padre son viejos.  Mis abuelos son Bautistas, pero ambos de mis padres quedaron la religión antes de que yo nací, así que me criaron ateamente.


There's a "disciplinary" hold on my account and I can only guess it's because of that time that person assaulted me in the gym.  I thought I would be able to relax after signing up for classes today, but then it turned out there were more holds on my account and the advising flag should be easy to deal with but idfk what's going to happen with this disciplinary shit.  There's no info about it on the website or anything.  I have no idea if they're going to kick me out of the school or something.  Why didn't they call me about it when I filed a report about the assault?  I wonder if they sent me an email.  I don't have an email from the guy whose box i left the report in.  I have emails from the dean of students guy.  The emails fucking claim that I assaulted that person, when she's the one who fucking assaulted me.  It also says I did behaviour not appropriate to an academic setting and disrespected authority.  gross.  It wasn't an academic setting, it was the gym, and she wasn't an authority, she was a random person not wearing any kind of uniform or anything to indicate she was an employee.  besides which "respecting authority" is a disgusting noncept.

there's a later email saying they found me guilty.

idfk what to do.  fml.

Thursday, August 10, 2017



make tactile art
invent a non-competitive sport
read all the books I own
finish theory class (by aug 16th, 6 days from now)
study graphics and be ready to fucking pass it next time
study other classes that I still need
test out of any classes possible
eat 1200-1500 cals per day
walk 10 miles per day (jogging counts double, 1 hour of standing counts as one mile)
other daily exercise
- stretch
- plank
- triceps
- other?
- sign up for that gym
- go to that park again, try to go regularly
- find people to play tennis, catch, frisbee with
- swimming
lose weight (get down to 159, no less than 118)
sign up for classes
apply for jobs
get a job
do laundry once a week
figure out how to pay electricity, internet
pay electricity, internet, rent every month
become fluent in multiple languages
write a spanish textbook
make that spanish app
make spanish videos
finish watching all the shows i've started

look back at other goals lists i've made to see what I'm missing.

most urgent is apply for jobs, get job, finish theory, sign up for classes, pay electricity, pay internet, pay rent.

Friday, August 4, 2017


I applied at mcdonald's online.
genghis grill on paper a while ago.
applied at taco bell online with a password, it was place number.
applied online sonic carhop and I tried to apply to be a "crew member" but the website didn't make any sense.  I don't know if I actually applied for it or not.  RilianXI, same.
waffle house online, secret question what nothing.  login like school email, pw extra numbers to nine.

the website says i have to apply at dunkin donuts on paper.
arby's website claims no openings

while i was applying to taco bell, i needed to look up nicole's email and I accidentally closed all the tabs.  it's like, you're trying to move the cursor and it acts like you clicked.  it shouldn't be that easy to close 16 tabs.

applying isn't so bad since I just estimate the dates of my previous jobs.  it's less stressful than trying horribly for hours to find the exact dates.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


ok, i can't think of anything else fun to do right now.
on the internet mainly.
i can't go out and do things.
i'm not sure why, but I don't feel like I can do that.
even as recently as stephenville, I walked outside a lot.  I went to the playground.  I walked around.  I looked for people to talk to, although that was kinda hard.  People don't want to talk to you after you get past like age 12.  it mostly has to be people you already know.  which, here, is like impossible.  it might be possible to do at school during the semester but I feel like no one actually wants to talk to me.  ugh.
and there's no park i can walk to.  maybe that one hunter mentioned but I don't think there's a playground there.  I like that one we went to, but it's far away.  I could just take the bus all the time.  take the bus to the playground and stay there and throw a tennis ball into the air like I did in lubbock and climb the tiny playground stuff.  maybe the playground that the trans group met at would work too.  both for variety.  oh, hey, also that crappy one by nicole's house.  maybe I should go walk around otter creek and see if i can find that one tiny play ground between the houses again.  that's four places i could go.  but all require busses to obtain.  that should be the plural of bus.  why isn't it?
wiktionary says it's buses or busses.
i've been making a to-do list.  applying for a job is on there.  I need to do it like now.  I also need to go to nicole's house and look for hunter's stupid magic cards.  and I have to go to arkephelphia with him this weekend and maybe go move in to huntsville, presumably his dad or russell could bring me back here, and then I have to go to some baseball games in september.  and school.  god school.  time is running out.  has it been 90 days?  I hate everything.
ok, so theory.  gotta do it this month.  hunter will be gone soon so it should be easier.
but today.  idfk.  It's still early enough to go to sleep and be like sleeping at night.  but I'm not exactly sleepy.  I woke up at like 4pm today.
I also want to clean my room.  I want to organize my stuff, but I think right now I'm just going to have to try to cram everything into the drawers.  I am sick of having my floor all cluttered.  books won't go in drawers.  You know, if I get a roommate I won't have to pay as much rent.  I would be happy to have rainshine live here.  but i'm not sure about james.  eh, I don't think he'd break anything or anything like that.  He'd probably just sit on a couch and play games all day.  but I think I'd do it all officially or whatever and have them actually apply.  it should be fine as long as hunter leaves his name on right?
685 40 150 = 875 400 for one 275 for two.
but I don't know if adrien will even want to live here.  he didn't say anything when I mentioned it.  he didn't say yes or no, and for a lot of people that means no.  I don't know who else to ask.  maybe if I go to school I'll find someone who needs a place.  but it's not likely to be someone I know and trust well.
I'll probably just have to pay it myself.
classes start on august 16th.  so i need to finish theory before that.  13 days god.
I never used to have the problem of not knowing what I want to do.
I wish I could watch yt while cleaning my room.  I suppose I could if I set up hunter's laptop in there again.