Thursday, July 20, 2017

thursday night rambling

I should have continued with my previous plan to decrease calories by 20 each week.  i only decided to speed it up because hunter.  bad idea because he's leaving anyway.


I could just go back on that plan now.  I have it in my calendar.  I don't really want to now.  I wish

hunter will be home in like 45 minutes at the earliest.  I'll probably just go hide in my room before then.  I'll go to the office when it opens and ask them.  What if hunter wants to leave and i don't qualify?  Will they make him pay to break the lease?  Why is he doing this to me?  He knew when we moved in together that I didn't qualify without him.  Would they seriously rather kick me out at this point?  that seems like a really stupid decision if they do.

I'm going to move my dry erase board out here.  and move all the stuff on my window sill.  to somewhere else so it can be a pile of crap.

what to do with the rest of tonight.  apply for job.  clean room.  job ... is only important if hunter will not get me kicked out of apt.

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