Tuesday, July 18, 2017

thoughts and goals

i came across a word, androcentric.  i don't like it.  I use the word "andro" as different from "man".  but that word uses it as a synonym.  and it couldn't mean andro how i use it because that's not .. not something external.  well.  maybe.  um.  i guess it would be "non-girliness-centric".  as in like .. revolving around people who don't wear dresses, sort of maybe.  but there can totally be non-girlie dresses.

read all my books
learn all languages
make those spanish things
clean my room
finish degree
actually learn programming in c, c++, java at least.
eat non-junkfood
be skinny again
jog 5 miles
muscly things
get a job making at least 30000
adopt children
get a job right now full time min wage.
find a roommate, someone I trust

I probably should have just kept going with the decreasing calories 20 per week plan.  anyway if eat healthy food only, it shouldn't be too hard.  vegan....

I'll allow vegan (well, ish, according to my previous vegan definitions) including junkfood for now.

I haven't eat meat for 5 years.

I have to become convinced that dairy is slavery.

right now, something i can and should do right now, is apply for a job.

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