Thursday, July 6, 2017


The idea of being a teacher appeals to me only because I think I'm good at explaining things that I understand.

Why do other people become teachers?  Why do they get mad when someone misses class?  Why do they care if people turn in assignments late?  Why do they give tests?  What even is the point of the whole grading system?

If I were a high school teacher, specifically I imagine being a math teacher, and I couldn't change the school in general but I could run my own class however I wanted

I would give everyone a list of all the homework problems on the first day.  I would have a website they could check for it if they lost the papers I gave them.  They could do it all right away if they wanted to.  I would explain one lesson per day and then answer people's questions the rest of the class period.  I don't care if people pay attention or miss class or go to the bathroom for 30 minutes.  They can turn in the assignments as they do them and I'll tell them what they got wrong and they can re-do it as many times as they want until the school year is over because then I'd have to submit grades.  I think I would give tests too but let them do them whenever and re-take them whenever.  just with the end of the school year being the deadline for everything.

I'm reading luminosity again and the teacher sighs when bella shows up at the end of class to turn her paper in.  She's late for class because of a car accident and has to explain to avoid getting in trouble.  Why do they give a shit?

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