Wednesday, July 5, 2017

rambling about required classes

I was just reading luminosity and bella said it would have been embarrassing to flunk gym.  So then I thought, what if you passed everything but gym, would they not let you graduate high school?  What if you passed everything but one class?  What if you had the right number of credits or more but you never passed one particular class?  It'd be ridiculous to say a person can't graduate high school when they passed lots of classes but just not one arbitrary class.  No individual class is actually important.  They offer so few classes anyway that they might as well just require a certain number of credits and let them be anything.  Well.  I suppose it would be weird if you did nothing but PE.  they let pe count multiple times because some people need up to 2.5 pe credits.  There's also different sports teams you can join for pe credit.  Anyway, if you pass biology and chemistry but not ipc, what does that even matter?  Why the fuck is ipc a class anyway?  What did the have at my high school.

algebra 1
algebra 2
calculus ab
calculus bc
english 1
english 2
english 3
english 4
english 5
world history
us history
world geography
spanish 1
spanish 2
spanish 3
spanish 4
spanish 5
german 1
german 2
german 3
german 4
german 5
french 1
french 2
french 3
french 4
french 5
japanese 1
japanese 2
latin 1
latin 2
latin 3
some other random electives that I don't remember
various sports and pe

the language classes, some of the math, the english are ordered and they require you to pass the previous ones before moving on.  even though there's no reason to require that for english.
I'd have taken spanish (4), french (4), german (4), latin (3), japanese (2) every year if I could.  I'd have taken math every year too (5).  That would get me algebra 1 (from middle school), geometry, algebra 2, pre-calculus, calculus ab.  I would have liked to take chemistry and physics.  And I would have taken some sport or pe every year if I could so that adds up to 28 credits, 27 done in high school (I did algebra 1 in middle school).  Does that actually work out?
span   .  span  .  span  .   span
fren   .   fren  .   fren  .    fren
germ .   germ .  germ .   germ
latin  .   latin  .   latin 
geom .  geom .  geom .  geom
chem .   phys  .   jap   .   jap
pe    .     pe    .    pe    .    pe 

This leaves me one extra class period in the last year in which I could take AP chem or phys or some other elective.  I could also try to take the AP versions of classes without taking the regular ones first.

I don't remember exactly what I did take.

eng 2        eng 3    eng 4
wrld hist  us hist  wrld geog 
germ 1     germ 2 germ 3
bio           ten/the  phys
health      chem    latin
spch/typ   comp    choir
geom       alg 2     pre-cal

I think that's all the classes I took but I'm confused about when I took the computer applications class.  I thought it was the same year as geometry, but it doesn't fit in the schedule that way.

crossed out are the ones I wouldn't have taken if I had a choice and italics are the ones I regret taking, except bio is both because I'm not sure if I would have taken it and the subject wasn't entirely uninteresting but the class was terrible and I didn't actually learn any biology till I took it in college (and that time it was totally voluntary and I took it because my high school biology class was so terrible, so idfk how to feel about that one).  So that leaves 10 credits or 11 if I include bio.  That's only 3 years because there was no 12th grade.  You have to have 22-24 credits to graduate so if I do 24 (the da plan) that means after 3 years I should have 18.  Anyway, I claim that 11/18 of the classes were useful or interesting to me, so less than 2/3.

Anyway what was the point of this?  That the required classes are terrible is what I am talking about now.  But originally that it would be stupid to not let someone graduate if they had 22 credits but didn't have one of the specific required classes.

english 1, 2, 3, 4
algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2
ipc, biology, chemistry, health
world hist, us hist, world geog, govt
3 year of language
and idk what else, I'm missing 6.5 credits here.  for the da plan.  that's the one i was doing.

Anyway, what if someone got all the requirements and 27 credits (7 every year except they failed english 4 or government or ipc or whatever) except there's one specific required class they didn't pass, can we all agree that it's fucking stupid to make them take summer school or come back the next year to graduate?  Who gives a shit.  I feel the same way about the college core requirements.  The core shouldn't exist at all, but if it does it should just be "take a variety of classes", not specific shitty classes that no one likes.

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