Saturday, July 15, 2017

no good time to sleep

I need to watch 12 episodes of got.  I'm re-watching 5.8 atm, but not planning to pay careful attention. The viewing at richard's house is tomorrow at 8 when it starts.  Russell's coming over at 11 today, 5 hours from now, and they'll probably want to watch got, but they are like half way through season 6.  I'd need to watch several episodes first, or get them to re-watch with me.  We have dnd tonight at 6.  There's only the 12 hours today before dnd and the morning tomorrow before hunter's dnd.  unless i watch on my puter.  if not, not much time.  if they won't re-watch with me.... well, what would I do then?  I'd have to leave and then I'd have to watch overnight sat-sun.  That *would* leave enough time, but it depends on russell sleeping in my room then?  I'll just have to ask them to re-watch with me.  It will be them going back by about 7 episodes I think.

I need to do laundry.  There's the one load in hunter's hamper.  I'll go start that.  I'll look through my clothes and do another load.

I need to clean my room and make it sleep-in-able.

Russell will be here in 5 hours.

I need to sleep.  I started feeling sleepy about 2 hours ago.  There's still 48 minutes left on this episode of got I'm re-watching.

I should take a nap now.  wake up at 8 or 9, then do laundry and clean my room and I'll message sleeping hunter right now about re-watching got.

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