Monday, July 17, 2017


hunter wanted to talk about the thing at a bad time.  he should have waited it wasn't urgent on a scale of minutes.  let us finish the game, wait for his friend to not be around so his friend doesn't feel awkward us talking about him being mad at me.  and he makes that face.  and he cries i hate it i think it is a manipulation.

he's afraid i'll ruin his credit score.  he cares only about himself.  he calculated i need to work 100 hours a month to pay all the bills.  that's not even very much.  that's how much i worked at the first subway.  a little less.  it'll probably be easy to find a job with that many hours.  i haven't looked yet.  i said i would today but i didn't factor in russell, hunter's friend staying here for 4 days.  i can easily fill out apples online tomorrow when they're playing dnd.  it was a pretty good day and hunter ruined the ending.  he's weird and awkward and ruins a lot of things.  i hate this storming off without his phone.  this isn't the first time.  so what if he doesn't come back.  it won't matter.  i try.  he keeps being terrible.  i don't think i'd be missing much of anything without him.  i can take or leave him.  i won't leave, but if he does that's fine.  he's threatened to kill himself so many times that i cannot afford to be worried about it.  he's so fucking stupid to get that upset about it.  he's so stupid to not realize i didn't want to talk about it in front of his friend.  he's so stupid to worry the way he does anyway.  he's so stupid to think 100 hours per week is a lot.  he said it was a LOT.  wtf.

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