Wednesday, July 5, 2017

how do I replace a laptop battery?

The internet stopped working on my laptop on friday and I had to leave it for lack of time and then today I had to close everything and restart the computer.  And now the charging symbol has an x and says "consider replacing your battery" when I hover over it.

I was planning to go to the gym again today.  It will get dark by 9pm and it took me an hour last time and I was planning to stay longer this time.  I could just go there before dark and stay till hunter can pick me up.  I will message and ask him.  Hunter said he could pick me up at 11:45, so I could go just in time to walk there.  So I'd have to leave here by 8:30.  I don't really want to.  I am tired from the trip and want to sit here for several more hours.  The guy on the phone (i just called to confirm inviting a friend so i could invite nicole) said that actually tomorrow would be the last day so maybe i can go tomorrow.  but i won't ask nicole to go tomorrow just in case.

I've decided to do 4 meals a day 300-400 cals each.  It's a big change.  Today's the first day.  I haven't been much controlling my food the last 4 days because party.  I still have some food I already counted so I ate some of that too.  One of my meals was a hotpocket.  it's half the price of the pizza and it comes in two pieces.

I did quite a lot of exercise on the trip, disc golf, ddr, generally walking around doing the fun things, but I guess I won't try to count any of it as miles.

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