Thursday, July 13, 2017

gross pizza

I ate that one digiorno pizza again and it was weird and gross and now I'm afraid it was somehow terrible.  I feel sad about the idea of never eating pizza again the way I used to feel about meat.  So it'll probably be ok.

I don't feel sleepy really, my eyes are kind of tired? like slightly itchy.  I'll go to sleep now and see if I feel like walking again at 6am.  I did 12 laps yesterday which confusingly feels like today?  because I only slept 2.5 hours before hunter woke me up to tell me that he got a ga position.

Also, I think I ate too much, why don't I feel like I ate too much?  I am so confused, everything is confusing.

Hum.  I already have some food that's not vegan, but I think I will eat only vegan food now till I'm done with my diet, which tentatively ends on feb 12.  I guess that disgusting pizza helped.

watch got
clean room
eat vegan food
look up apts for hunter
work on something interesting

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