Friday, July 28, 2017

friday july 28th plan

apple sauce 50
oranges 400
oatmeal 150
hashbrown patty 150
bread 120
broccoli 125
cauliflower 125
barley mix 260
cereal 120
drink tea and water
stay under 1982.

8-5 call apartments
gym 2-3
test computer for dnd after 5
switch ting
buy bus ticket
laundry (pants shirt bra socks)
walk 6 miles
wash hair
watch and delete all of one show.
apple. crossed out this and some others that I just decided not to do.

So, I need to go to sleep now to maximize 8-5 time because there's like a million more apts to call.


  1. hash brown patty sandwich 350
    called apts, am typing info
    skipped gym.

  2. 200 dp, 1000 that non-fried rice
    started laundry
    hangouts video call worked on this computer, maybe dnd will, waiting for response from richard.

  3. 300 chkn sandwich
    walked 1 mile
    laundry's done.