Thursday, July 6, 2017


1140 150 190 = 1480 cals for today.  that's enough.  don't need anything else.  just water and maybe the watermelon and carrots if i get hungry again later.  god i need to lose weight.  I hate being fat and it reduces life expectancy.


i have to hope that it will get better.  if not perfect.

I think things were generally ok when I weighed 167.  I didn't feel bad then, I was just horrified by the number.  That's going to be one of my goals, although I might want to go below that.  But they say overweight people live longer and 167 is overweight.  so.  yeah.  that's my goal.

well i just looked that up and found a thing saying that bmi 20-25 was best so I'll change my goal to 159.

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