Tuesday, July 11, 2017


till feb 12.  then reevaluate.

2350 m to go.
12 per day, 3 days off per month (10, 20, 30)

I slept from 4pmish to 9:52.  So I go to sleep at 2pm?  I don't like that idea.
I'll probably go to sleep before that.  and I will wake up after less than 8 hours of sleep.  to try to go back to diurnal schedule.  maybe that's a bad idea.  it's really hard.  but i want to ugh.  i want to be awake in the morning and people want me to be awake late at night.and basically all day.  there's no good time to sleep.
now it's walking time and once the sun comes up i will do more laundry.


  1. It's 7 now, and I kind of feel sleepy and I had vertigo for a while. I always wonder, am I doing something to hurt myself that causes that? anyway I feel ok now but maybe a little sleepy so idk. hunter's friends will come here at 5ish, so I should probably get done with the laundry before then and cleaning. I think I just don't want to do laundry now because there's no imminent deadline. So I will lay down and maybe-sleep for a while, i still need to walk 11 miles today and I'll buy dp and do laundry by 2pm. clean living room, laundry, buy dp, walk 11 miles, eat 500 more cals.

  2. I walked a mile inside in the middle of the night and now I did 6 laps, so to get up to 12 miles I'd need to do like 20 more laps. But I'm still kind of tired from the 6. It will get dark by 9. If I went out now I could maybe get in 3 more laps. And it might be less hot now. I wish I had an indoor track. I'll at least go outside and walk twice around, I think, and check those warning stickers while I'm out there. I wonder how long the dnd people will be here. bathroom, blow nose, drink water, check stickers, walk around till dark.

  3. when i wake up, 1 mile per hour and start with reqd and then oatmeal, beans, almonds, oranges/watermelon, spinach/broccoli. also laundry.