Thursday, June 29, 2017

thursday plan

maybe laundry.
and then leave the house.
go anywhere.
don't sit here and watch yt all day.
maybe call nicole.
sleeptime now (3:44am, i can wake up at 12 maybe, and yeah do laundry because that's too middle for walking).

Nicole is busy today.  I didn't wake up till 3pm.  I could go to 10 fitness and maybe get a 7 day free trial thing or I could go to a shitty park down the street.  I don't want to go anywhere.  But I should.  It would take 30 minutes or 13 minutes to walk to 10 fitness.  What would I do there?  If they have it, walk on a track, free weights, inquire about a personal trainer to help with my posture and flexibility.  I need to be home by 8:45, so leave there at 8:15.  Earliest I could arrive is 6:30.  So I'll leave here at 7:00, arrive at 7:30, spend at most 45 minutes there.  It could be that they tell me the free pass was a lie or it's only for garbage I don't want, or they don't have anything I want there anyway.

In the meantime, god I want pop.  Anyway, I have eggs.  I need to brush my teeth and make food and eat it and take a bath and wash my hair and leave by 7.  if I sign up at 10 fitness, it would be 160$ for a year, and you can't do it in smaller pieces than that.  If I have to pay a "premium" price to get what I want, I won't do it.

long-term goals are to lose weight, have non-painful posture, be more flexible, be stronger, be able to run longer.  a gym might help me with those goals.

I need a trainer to help me with the posture and flexibility.  I literally can't do those by myself.

But the others I could do separately.  I can walk anywhere, I can go somewhere squishy to jog, I can use random things as weights or buy little weights at wal-mart.

But for today I'll see about the free pass and ask if they offer the services I want.

bath took longer than I hoped.  now I'm just hoping to leave by 7:30 and have 15 minutes at the place.  I'll have time to use the alleged 7 day pass a few days next week.

I got up to leave at 7:45 and then I couldn't find my keys.  It turns out I dropped them into hunter's laundry bag when I came in from the store where I bought pizza.  I found them and left at 8:00.  I took the short way which included walking across a bridge, but there was a comfortably big shoulder for me to walk on.  The 7-day pass was a thing, but they didn't mention the "and a friend" part, and I forgot so I'll ask about that later, and I did my triceps exercise two sets of 10 with 10lbs then again with 15lbs, but I quit half way through the last set.  My arms feel ok rn though.  Then I walked around to see what kind of machines they have.  I guess I get it for the next 6 days, fssmtw.  So I'll go back tomorrow while hunter's at work and we'll at least be back by wednesday, so I'll get to go 2 more times.  for free.  then I'll decide if I want to keep doing it and also before that I need to ask them if I can pay the whole year at once.  because my mom doesn't want me to give them a credit card number because she's afraid secret charges will pop up.

Going there and back involved me walking 1.3 miles.  So that's cool.  And I feel better now.  I'm going to cook some eggs and put sweet&sour sauce in them and I'll probably eat watermelon and carrots.  and I'm going to open that puzzle.

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