Tuesday, June 27, 2017

plan for today

get laundry at 12:25
buy dr pepper (~1)
clean livingroom and kitchen by 4
walk whenever outside weather is acceptable
clean room
do stupid school stuff

680 150 170 190 190 = 1380
ok I'll that for today prob.
pizza dp(2) total(4) bn fs carrots(7) sf(9) sf(12)

I ate pizza and dp and then sat on the couch playing freecell for 4 hours apparently.  that's 830 calories.  I think I will try to not eat anything between midnight and going to sleep.  Also I think I am hungry again now.  If it's not pizza and shit, I'd rather not eat anything.  I don't have anything anyway.  I mean, I have a bunch of semi-healthy boring food, but no pizza or anything.  I could melt cheese onto a bagel.  Tomorrow I'm going to eat a totinos.  I will eat a different thing every day.  I mean, I'll try to cycle through everything like my brother does.  that might help.  I can have 670 more calories today.  I have ricecakes, bagels, oranges, sf, zonebars, random cereal, spaghetti, rice, beans.  I could make some spaghetti without sauce and I think I'll try putting butter on it?  and that would be about 260 calories.  that would leave 410.  if there's nothing fun to eat idec.  reqd is 170 for now, would leave 240, can drink another dp and that's it.  I'm a do it if there is a stick of butter I can use.  If not I'll have to plan something else.
pizza 680
dp 150
dp 150
reqd 170
spaghetti 190+70

I still didn't get off the couch.  and it's 10:41pm now.  I still just feel vaguely hungry, my stomach hasn't started growling.  Idfk what I'm going to do, except I won't exceed 1500 cals.

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