Friday, June 9, 2017

it could be racism

I just saw this video that said that "some white people" think nelson mandela died in prison.  Why only white people?  I googled it but I didn't find anything else saying only white people think that.  But I did find a thing saying it's only white people who think shazam was a movie and it's only because they can't tell black people apart.  That is stupid.  What's the racist reason why people remember berenstein?  What's the racist reason why people misremember movie quotes?  It's just a coincidence.  Also the video said like "if nelson mandela died in prison then he never became the first black whatever and it's just interesting to think about" implying it's racist to be amused at the idea?  But I never thought that because I didn't know he was the first black anything, I don't even remember what it was, I know nothing about politics in other countries from 20+ years ago.  If that's racist, then I'm racist against all races.  Which is nonsense.

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