Monday, June 12, 2017


I vaguely recall times people said something was homophobic when i was thinking it was misogynist.  i encountered one recently.  stephen colbert said something about trump being a cock holder or something for putin.  also he said something about sign language gorillas.  so i thought people would say he was insulting deaf people or gorillas or women / people who put penises in their mouths.  but they just said homophobic.  i mean I guess it could be both?  but i also think that homophobia IS misogyny.
that reminds me of the stupid conservative christian douchebag who hated gay men "because" their existence means he can't platonically hold hands with his male friends without people thinking he's gay.
that hints at something that i actually think is a problem, but he doesn't exactly agree.  the problem is people assuming relationships are romantic-sexual and assuming that hand-holding is romantic-sexual.  I'm guessing he only wants people to assume that heterosexual hand-holding is romantic-sexual.  and he wants people to assume that homosexual hand-holding is not that.  I want people to make no assumptions about any of it.  he also hates people thinking he's gay because he hates gay people.

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