Wednesday, June 28, 2017

healthy low-calorie foods to eat instead of pizza

Why don't I ever overeat healthy food?  It's usually more expensive, that's one reason.  My mom bought me some protein bars once and she said she would only buy them if I ate them because I actually needed the protein and didn't just eat them as candy bars.  But isn't that stupid since it would probably be better for me to eat 8 protein bars than to eat a frozen pizza and an entire box of macaroni.

Fruits and vegetables are more expensive per calorie than other things.  But.  I've been buying digiorno pizzas and those are 4$ each.  That's not really a price-efficient food.  Nor is it good for dieting.

They have jicama at the store right now.  I should go get some.  I have carrots.  I need more foods that have few calories per gram.

Thinking about pizza makes me want some.  I had one yesterday and I was planning to buy a different junkfood today hoping to less painfully break my addiction to that pizza.  So I'm not going to get one, but I might get some other junkfood.  One I like is the cheese ravioli, but I don't think they have it at kroger.  I'll pick something they have at kroger rather than trying to get to wal-mart.

I'm going to look up some stuff and add a list here:
pickles 11 (but they are gross and sweet pickles are 107!)
cucumber 16
spinach 23
lettuce 14
radishes 16
green beans 31
tomatoes 18 but they are gross so no
celery 16
green peppers 20
cauliflower 25
onions 40
black beans 339????? wtf????? consult can
pinto beans 347?? consult can
kidney beans 333?? consult can
broccoli 34
black-eyed peas 116 (consult can)
carrots 41
water chestnut 97? consult can
peas 81 (and consult can)
chives 30
jicama 38
pears 48(canned)
grapefruit 42
watermelon 30
grapes 67 (???)
applesauce 42
oat bran (it says 40 cals /100g but other websites disagree.  maybe it's cooking adds water)
soymilk 54
almondmilk 45/240ml
tofu 76
seitan 370

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