Thursday, June 1, 2017


I'm on lesson 7 of takineko's japanese playlist.

learn all the languages
be skinny
-brush teeth
-finish stupid college
get non-terrible job
obtain children
-be vegan
-get on the high score list of the freecell game
-get all the cards in trivia crack
-make that ap
-write spanish books
-make spanish videos
-read all my books
-play all my games/toys
-finish takineko playlist
-finish japanese book
-finish tagalog book
-stupid school crap

Things I need to do every day forever
not drink pop
be vegan
brush teeth (twice at least per day)
eat a reasonable amount of food in order to get and stay skinny
exercise (walking, jogging, weights stuff, ?)
practice languages

Things that have an ending point
finish stupid college
freecell high score list
trivia crack cards (cept when they add more)
the ap, books, videos
codecademy (except if/when they add more lessons)
stupid school crap
japanese book
tagalog book

I want to have kids.  I wouldn't say it's so important that I'd literally do anything, but it is really important.  A pre-requisite to having kids is have a job I don't fucking hate that pays at least $30000/year.  And probably a pre-requisite for that is finishing fucking bachelor's degree. barf.  I could just do the math one. seems a little easier?  at least then I wouldn't have to deal with bayrak.  god I fucking hate him.  This summer I need to do the stupid theory class.  I remember it's not so bad when I'm doing it, but it feels bad leading up to it.  Tomorrow I'll get out my notes and open the email notes because I think there are some I haven't written down yet.  If I get out my papers it should job my memory about what I'm supposed to turn in.  HW4, hw5, metacompiler, and go take the final, I think that's all?  And maybe I'll read the textbook since I seem to have time.  Oh, and do those other parts of the midterm I think.

So.  Finish stupid theory class.  After that idk.  But I need to do other daily things while working on that.
duolingo 5min
trivia crack varies
(not eat shit)
(not drink pop)
walk/jog/strength training 180-225min
brush teeth 5min
drink water ?
eat healthy stuff (total, bn, fs, carrots, b12, d3, spinach, broccoli, beyond that eat whatever but not garbage, not more than specified calories) ?
And I will also do some other fun stuff that's on my to-do list, but I need to do a lot of theory.

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