Monday, June 5, 2017


so kind of on a weird whim I asked about working on genghis grill.  I don't really want to, except for the fact that I need money.  I was going to take in the apple yesterday, but then pride and bowling and eating at ihop with bhn.  So I can go today, like it should be totally doable.  Also yogurt mountain is hiring and they are nearby but the apple is online.  also did I ask somewhere else?  now I can't remember.  I'd rather work at a fast food place because i more know what to expect.  What do the people at yogurt mountain even do?  Refill the ice cream and candy dispensers?  clean, cash register, counts.  yogurt mountain sounds better.  I guess I'm afraid of missing an opportunity, but also I feel really bleah and don't want to go anywhere right now, and ... I guess I could check out that other guitar hero controller later after I find my alleged guitar hero game that I got from heidi but I don't know where i put it.  I don't need to test it now, we're not keeping the game and I'm not going to throw away the other controllers right now.  I am slightly upset that jason didn't give me his game cube like he originally said and now that he gave me his wii, all the controllers seem to be broken, except one maybe.  Maybe the wii itself is fine and I just need to get new controllers.  But I didn't really want a wii anyway, so if I have to go buying stuff, I might as well buy a game cube, because that's what I wanted in the first place.  So idk what I'm going to do.  With one potentially functioning controller, I could get one-player games for myself.

Hunter still didn't tell me when his mom is coming.

Also I don't know where the receipt for the games is.  I'll have to text and ask him and take the games back, and first I have to fill out the apple and then take that too at the same time, and it will take me an hour to walk there, so I have to get going because I want to be back by dark.

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