Thursday, June 29, 2017

6-30-17 friday plan

bn 8-10 done
laundry, trash, tc, pack 10-2 tc done laundry started
2-3 dollar tree
3-5 gym
5-5:30 bath
5:30 spaghetti

Hunter dropped me off at bn at 8:30, I walked around the parking lot till they opened, I walked back, directions were confusing, I stopped in a church and asked, it turned out google was in fact telling me to walk through the church parkinglot as a shortcut, and then when I was almost home the people who gave me directions drove up and offered to drive me the rest of the way because it was raining.  present got a little wet.  It's sitting out and I think it will be ok.

I have to start laundry in like an hour.  and I'll do trash and pack while laundry is going.  i might skip going to the gym, I'll decide when it gets to 3:00.

I'm an hour behind on the laundry, so if I go to the gym I'll have an hour for it, which is how much time I used yesterday so that would be enough.

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