Friday, May 19, 2017

stress ramble

I need to walk because exercise, and I want yummy food, but I need to save money, and I need to not overeat.  I'm thinking, maybe I could go to the store and get something really cheap.  But I also need to get used to eating more um boring food.  I remember liking it in the past.  So if I ween myself off of junkfood, will I crave greenbeans again?  I'm tempted to go to the store and look around for something yummy that costs less than $3.  I'm thinking about spaghettios, but really they're not that good.  I think bread and hashbrown patties would exceed $3.  idk what else there is, but I could go look around, but I'm afraid that if i go there i'll just end up getting something more expensive.  Also I need to walk more today.  It's definitely better to just eat food I already have here.  Maybe I should just go take a bath and then I'll get hungry enough to just eat oatmeal or something, and I need to do dishes.  I haven't really been doing anything except trying to distract myself from eating by playing freecell and watching degrassi and random videos.  i can't focus enough to watch switched at birth or the fosters right now.  I hope they are still there.  I need to download something for school, it might be too late.

I keep thinking that if I can get some yummy food it will satisfy something and then I won't be stressed out anymore and then I can focus on the things I want to do long-term.  But I need to remind myself that food does not actually eliminate stress.  It just ends up making it worse.  Unless you're actually hungry, but I'm talking about eating when not hungry.

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