Tuesday, May 23, 2017


You know who I hate?  kori.  it weirdly makes me want to misspell his name.  he's here for dnd.  hunter's not back from work yet.  they're all here except russell.  he's usually last because he comes from far away and now he has a job interfering delaying him even more. he hates his job and I guess he's going to look for a different one, but his parents made him get a job.  I generally always hate how fat I am but I feel worse about it when around people.  I feel gross when I look in the mirror and I know these particular people hate fat people so they are probably constantly grossed out by me.  I need to go for a walk.  I have a path picked out that's 1.5 miles.  So if I just do it 4 times I'll meet my goal for today.  But it will be dark in about 2 hours so idk if I can do 4?  That's six miles so really it should be doable in 2 hours.  if I do it all at once, but I probably can't.  At least not that fast.  I could probably do 3 miles.  I did three miles the other day in the village.  I can do it.  But I felt pretty tired and I didn't do 3 more, and this path has a lot of hills, way more than the the village path, so I will probably be too tired after 3 miles.  But hum, I think I will fill my water bottle and go walking after hunter gets here.  Hum, maybe I should take a book with me.  I can't really take malinche with me because I have look words up sometimes.  I'll look for a book.  But I'm not sure if I can walk and read very well.  I'm afraid of stepping on something and falling or twisting my ankle.  I hear hunter coming.  and he's talking to someone so it must be russell.  It is.

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