Thursday, May 25, 2017


I've been thinking about pizza for the last couple hours.  The only thing that has stopped me from going to get one is my inclination to sit in the livingroom watching youtube.  I think health-wise, that might not actually be a good trade-off.  But I do also need to save money.  All the frozen pizzas I really like are 3$ or more.  But spending that much on a single meal is a bad idea.  I need to average less than 3$ per day over the next 10 months.  I'm not sure if that's even possible.  I can get spaghetti and rice for cheap, but I need vegetables too.  I'm trying to acclimatize myself to food that I currently think is boring, so like yesterday I ate nuts and raisins, which are on the funner end of the boring-food categorie.  I'm eating kashi autumn wheat right now, but the only reason I can even stand it is that I am totally planning to go get a fucking pizza in a few minutes.

I also need to stop drinking dr pepper, or cut way back on it.

Also, to save money, I should use re-usable cups and wash them in the dishwasher.  Well, that requires soap.  What's more expensive, plastic cups or dishwasher soap?  How bout instead I just use my hands.

I just realized, hunter bought this expensive internet and I'm only paying 10$ per month because i didn't want the fast expensive internet, but it required a one-year contract, and he's not going to be here for a whole year, there will still be 3 or 4 months left after he leaves, is he going to expect me to pay for it then!?  I'll tell him I won't I guess.  I think it's just in his name.  I'm going to apply for jobs around here after we get back from dallas I guess.  I don't know.  Maybe I should put it off.  I have other stuff I need to do.  I feel like I'm slowly climbing out of this particular depression pit.  Maybe I should wait till after I've got everything else under control.  It's not like I'll ever have enough money anyway.

I always think tomorrow I'll be able to do everything.

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