Friday, May 26, 2017


I started three loads of laundry.  Kinda 2 and a half.  But I didn't feel like coming back and looking for more clothes to put in the last one.  All that was left up here was clothes that don't fit me and sheets.  Now I have to go put the clothes to dry.  And as usual I'm thinking about pizza.

I have to take a bath and change clothes after the laundry is done.  I have to pack.  Hunter will be home in about 2 hours.  Then we are going to bn to get some crap for jason.

I'm thinking about coke and pizza, and I'm thinking about how terrible it is and how there's probably going to be junkfood at jason's graduation party and how fat i am and i hate it and I never picture myself fat, I'm always unhappily surprised when I see myself in the mirror.  I know that I will feel better if I lose weight.  Any at all.  I mean, we say lose weight but I mean like being smaller.  It's not literally the weight that matters.

Generally, I need to do school crap and walk.  But I'm not going to worry about doing any of that today.  Hunter wants to stay in dallas till tuesday, I don't really want to because that means more days away from the things I need to do, but one thing I might be able to do in dallas is walk, because it's 3 miles around the block.

I need to pack that one blue shirt for jogging.
swimming shirt
swimming shorts
pants and shirts and socks and blobholders for 4 days.
food for the road.
maybe food for the whole trip.
my phone
cards (4)
my bn giftcard
should I take some books or something?  Artemis fowl, and some language book.  but not the one I took last time because that didn't work.

what now.  go put clothes to dry.  and.  get pizza.

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