Monday, May 22, 2017

assorted thoughts

I've yet to see an example of "cultural appropriation" given that I even thought it was remotely plausible it was morally wrong or led to negative consequence the "appropriator" would be morally responsible for.  Also the concept isn't clearly defined by anyone ever.  Is eating at genghis grill cultural appropriation?  Does it hurt someone because of that?

Fear feels like heat.  And kind of tingly?

I'm often afraid that someone, like someone who lives in this building, or a random person I see outside, will arbitrarily be offended by something I'm wearing or I'll accidentally look at them in a way they don't like, and they'll attack me, and I won't be able to defend myself.  I'm afraid the person downstairs who has banged on the door a few times will break in with a gun and kill me.  I'm afraid to go near the door for a few hours after every time he does it, and therefore I can't go outside, and I'm afraid he's mad at me for walking around my apartment, but I need exercise, I can't just sit on the couch all the time.

Why does it feel like exercise would take up my entire day?  Oh one reason is probably that most of my day is already taken up by facebook.  If I cut that out I'd have a lot more time.  There's about 15 hours a day.  The walking I want to do would probably take no more than 4.

I've been sitting on this garbage couch for an hour because of that downstairs douchebag.  Fuck him.

I keep thinking there's something special about may 22nd.

I also don't think I'm morally obligated to not walk around my fucking apartment, even if the downstairs douchebag can hear me walking and is annoyed by it.  I can hear the people next door on both sides playing music and yelling at each other.  He should just fucking get used to it.

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  1. I'm also afraid that if I walk up and down that one street near here for exercise, the people who live there will decide I'm suspicious and call the cops, and I super don't want to interact with the cops.