Wednesday, February 1, 2017

opengl class

I joined the class late, so I missed the first day, then the teacher wasn't there the next two days.  Then I went the next two days and it was all "has anyone figured out how to install the stuff" just that for 2 class days, then idr then I missed for a funeral and there was a project due but I didn't even look at it and then I didn't go the next 2 times because bleah and then I didn't go the next time because of some other crap I had to do, and then I'm about to go to class today and I've been looking at the project and I don't know how to do it and the textbook only gives segments of code and stuff I found online isn't working either and I don't know what any of this initglut crap does, so I have no idea how to just "try stuff" so now I'm back to thinking I just need to read the book, but this project covers stuff from chapter 6 and I'm only on chapter 2, and we're also supposed to read another textbook too? which means I need to read like 12 chapters *right now* and who knows if they'll even answer my questions? and the assignment said we could modify square.cpp which was provided in lab 2, but I don't see anything called lab 2 or square.cpp anywhere on blackboard, so I guess now I'll go to class and either just read the book the whole time or ask the teacher where the hell square.cpp is and I predict that she will mumble some crap and I'll be like "ok" and then try to do what she says and then find that it doesn't make any sense so i can't do it and then I'll have to ask again on friday, so you know what? fuck it.  I'll just read the book while in class.  I'll just read until I've read through chapter 6?  No, that sounds horrible.  ARg.  All paths lead to failure.  I should not have signed up for this class.  I'm a go ask the teacher about square.cpp now.

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