Thursday, August 4, 2016

reviews of some other classes, not complete

linear algebra, summer 2007, taught by kosmatov.  This was back when I still liked math.  I may be mis-remembering but I don't think we had graded homework.  He assigned homework for practice only.  I did all the homework though.  He hand-wrote the tests and made photo-copies, so it was kinda hard to read them.  He didn't really explain things very well, but it wasn't a very hard subject for me and I understood it just by reading the book.  I got an A in it.

math software, fall 2010, taught by david something. it was a lab class, we just worked individually after he explained the programs a little (maple and latex and something else I don't remember the name of).  i sometimes had to wait a while for him to come help me with something i didn't know how to do because he was helping other people or just talking about unrelated things.  i sometimes felt like he didn't like me, but then he lent me a book so he probably didn't hate me.  sometimes he didn't understand what i was asking and i had to figure the stuff out myself by looking it up online or just trying different things.  I liked the material of the class.  It was light programming.  It was like a little puzzle.  I feel like : ) thinking about it because I was successful at almost everything if not everything I attempted in that class, though some of it took a lot of attempts to get right.

applied statistics 1, fall 2010, daniel something, an old guy who retired in 2011 or so I heard.  He used a microphone and coughed up mucus all through class and spit it into a cup that he kept on the podium.  he was pretty nice.  the tests were open book and we only had 2 homework assignments.  I appreciate the lack of busy-work.  However, I didn't learn anything in that class.  It was mostly stuff I had learned in high school, and other than that I looked stuff up in the book during the tests.

first attempt at advanced calculus goes here.

applied statistics 2, spring 2011, same daniel something guy.  he changed the like syllabus or whatever.  this time there was ONLY homework, no tests.  I didn't like that as much, but it was still pretty good.  The homework was all just due at the end of the semester.  Since I didn't have to worry about preparing for tests, I could do the homework at my own pace.  My own pace was pretty slow though, and I didn't finish all the homework and I got a C, and also I didn't really learn anything.  I looked at the examples in the book to see how to do the problems and I looked stuff up online and asked someone I knew personally who had a PhD in math for help.  I understood some of it at the time, but none of it got committed to my long-term memory.  I think that's mostly because i wasn't interested in the subject.

college geometry, spring 2011, dr peter.  the textbook was full of important typos, the teacher rambled a lot, he gave us these papers he wrote full of just like thoughts he had about math stuff, he gave us like 50 of them throughout the semester, and I threw them all away.  they were all hand-written and photo-copied, which is also how he did the tests.  a nice thing was that he only made you answer like 1/3 of the test questions to get a 100%.  so you could pick the ones you wanted to do.  I don't specifically remember if we had graded homework or not.  I crapped out at the end of the semester in all of my classes and got a B in college geometry even though I had an A up till near the end.

first attempt at senior seminar goes here.

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