Monday, July 11, 2016

preliminary notes on imperfect, conditional, and future

The imperfect has 3 irregulars.  For the regular ones the endings are

aba      ábamos
abas    abais
aba      aban

ía      íamos
ías    íais
ía      ían

The stem is formed by dropping the ar/er/ir from the infinitive.

There are no stem changes.

Now the irregulars.  Ver, ir, ser.

Ver is not very irregular.  It's only irregularity is that the stem is ve- instead of just v-.

veía      veíamos
veías     veíais
veía      veían

Ir is not very irregular either. Just insert a B in the endings and that's the whole word.

iba      íbamos
ibas    ibais
iba      iban

And then ser.  Ser is weird.

era      éramos
eras    erais
era      eran

It's not THAT different from the others, except that it starts with er- instead of ab- or i-.

Now the conditional.  The conditional endings are the same as the endings for the -er/-ir verbs in the imperfect.

ía      íamos
ías    íais
ía      ían

Those are the endings for ALL the verbs in the conditional.

For regular verbs, the stem is the entire infinitive, for example hablar-

hablaría      hablaríamos
hablarías    hablaríais
hablaría      hablarían

For irregular verbs, like I said the endings are the same, but the stem is altered slightly.  Here's a list of some of the infinitives and their irregular stems.

hacer har-
tener tendr-

For example

saber sabr-
sabría      sabríamos
sabrías     sabríais
sabría      sabrían

And now the future indicative.  The stem is the same as the conditional.  It's the entire infinitive for the regular ones and it's the same altered form of the infinitive for the irregulars.  Add these endings:

é      emos
ás     éis
á      án

hablaré      hablaremos
hablarás    hablaréis
hablará      hablarán

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