Saturday, July 2, 2016

Please give me your favorite mathematical insight or discovery. Have you discovered any connections between different areas of mathematics?

This is a question I have to answer for my shitty shit shit garbage math class.  My grade depends on this somehow.  I don't know what the criteria are.  Fuck all of this.  Fuck the teacher.  Fuck ualr.  Fuck college.

I do not have a favorite mathematical insight.  I hate all of math.  I used to like it.  Well, no, I liked what I was told was math.  How am I supposed to remember everything and pick a favorite?  That's fucking stupid.  Obviously the thing I'm most interested in at the moment is the thing I chose to do for my stupid "research project".  But it's not really special.  I've realized other things too.  Like if you are given a finite number of points on a graph then there's an infinite number of functions that fit those points.  Ugh, I remember liking math, I remember liking things and being happily amazed by things, but it's been too long, I can't remember anything else.  I don't even know what different areas of math are.  What math have I studied?  algebra geometry trigonometry calculus differential equations statistics probability number theory discrete math college geometry idfk what else.  Algebra is used in all of it, statistics is nonsense to me, trigonometry calculus and differential equations are all the same thing, geometry is algebra with stupid shapes, probability is algebra, whatever, the only really weird thing was college geometry.  It made use of arithmetic?  I guess?  I don't even really remember.

What will I tell the teacher?  What is my favorite math whatever?

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