Thursday, November 19, 2015


So I said I want to do homework this weekend and maybe just stay home and not even go to Hunter's house. I'm not sure what would be most conducive to me doing homework but probably staying in the same place the whole time would be best and that same place most likely can't be Hunter's house. For one thing I'd have to leave on Sunday night which cuts out a little of the time between now and Monday afternoon when my next math class is; and on top of that Hunter probably doesn't even want me to just hang out at his house and even more probably not to spend the night because CRAZY zach will get mad and Hunter's afraid he'll then be kicked out. And I don't want to go *out* and do anything, and Hunter also wants to do homework and says he can work best in his room. So we have to be separate to do homework most effectively. He said he would spend the night with me on Friday night and Saturday night, as usual. But IME that's not hanging out, he just wants to come in and go to sleep. So I wanted to hang out today. He said he has so much homework he thinks he should do some today too. I said if he stays till 6 that still leaves 3 hours to do homework before going to bed at 10. He said he needs 5 hours because if it's less than that if he thinks about doing homework he goes "but it's almost time for bed!" So he can't start homework after 5:00. So I said stay till 4:30 and he said "no!" like he shouted it all horrified, and I said 4:00 and he was like no I need to relax and stuff before I start homework! And I was like wtf I thought you just needed 5 hours total. And I didn't voice this but again I was thinking why can't the "relaxing" happen with me? Why?? If he leaves here at 4 that's still more than half an hour to "settle in" at home or whatever. But no he says he just wants to see me for 5 minutes because he needs THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF TIME POSSIBLE. And he needs to RELAX IN HIS OWN HOUSE! Why? So he wants to go home right after class and get home at 3:30 and relax for 1.5 hours and then do homework and also eat supper and take a bath and etc he said. I understand the 5 hours thing, but not why he needs 1.5 hours of relaxing AWAY FROM ME. Does he even like me!? I guess it's not specifically away from me. He wouldn't mind if I were there too, but he would want to like watch stupid videos and stuff rather than talking to me or playing a game with me. Idk if this is normal, if I'm being too demanding or if it's reasonable to want to hang out with your bf for an hour before not hanging out at all for 3 days straight.

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