Monday, January 7, 2013

Trying to explain it to idiot.

Would you say that I have to take responsibility for what I ate as a child, even though I was a child and didn't have the means to buy food for myself and couldn't ever trade my labor for food because the entire society around me is against letting children do that, so I have no choice but to eat from what my parents provide, and my parents provide only unhealthy food, and I don't even have any way of knowing that it's unhealthy because my parents don't tell me and the schools which claim to provide for my education don't tell me, so when I'm an adult I'm all fat and unhealthy, and I figure out what the problem is and I take it upon myself to learn to eat better and improve my health, but I still want to tell everyone that the school system which claimed to serve children failed me because they let me be unhealthy all that time I was being "educated" by them, even though they claimed to be so good for me.  Children are not responsible for how their parents raise them, and that includes the choice to send them to a school, so if the school sucks, it's not the kid's fault.  I'd like other people not to have the same experience I had.  I'd like people from now on to not be intellectually stunted.  I'm TAKING responsibility for educating myself now, but it's NOT my fault that no one told me about calculus when I was a kid.  It's not my fault that there was so much I wasn't exposed to as a kid.  Why is it not my fault?  Because I was a CHILD.  i was a child at the mercy of my parents and whatever other adults they put in charge of me.  Wouldn't it have been better if I'd been told about the existence of calculus and many other things a lot sooner?  Yes.  And shouldn't an organization that claims to be all about educating children do the best thing?  Yes, they should.  The school system stunted my intellectual growth, which is the exact opposite of what they claim to do and what people expect them to do.  And, what, I'm supposed to just keep quiet about that?  No.  People need to know.

About any piece of information, I could say, "Why didn't anyone tell me!?"  And you're saying that as a libertarian I shouldn't expect anyone to tell me.  But an organization that claims it's going to educate me should definitely be expected to tell me.  Otherwise, their service sucks, and in this case it's even worse than that because the service was forced on me.  And it sucked and it stunted my intellectual growth.

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