Thursday, January 24, 2013

thinking about math degree again

CPSC 2380 Data Structures and Algorithms
CPSC 3380 Operating Systems
or CPSC 3370 Net-centric Computing: Systems Concepts
One three-hour upper-level computer science course

Then two more math classes for BA.  Don't know if core.

I can't check the stupid catalog because I can't find the old one online.  5 classes to get BA plus core I guess.  I think I need 6 more core classes.  I was wondering if there was a way to get out of them by getting AS first, but it doesn't seem like it.  If there is, then well, you still have to take 30 hours after so I would have to take 9 random hours in the summer 2014, versus taking an extra 3 classes but finishing in the spring?  11 classes.  I can take 4 in fall, 4 in spring, so I have to take 3 in summer.  God.  I have to take those shitty awful core classes this summer.  I should have 1300$, I hope I have it, I hope it gets put in my account with no problem.  According to the estimator, I'd need an extra 1000$ to do that.  Shit.  Why so much?  Well.  Ugh.  I should find out for sure if AS replaces core then.  If it does, then yeah.  If it doesn't, take what I can in summer.

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