Saturday, January 19, 2013

stupid school work

Authenticity of information: the quality or state of being genuine or original, rather than a reproduction or

This is from a vocabulary list for my class.  This definition makes no sense.  I would expect "authenticity of information" to mean the same thing as "accuracy".  Information can't be the original.  You can't fabricate information.  Information is conceptual, not a physical thing.  If information can be authentic, that means that it can be inauthentic, which means that if I told someone that the sky is blue, they could ask me if that's the original or if it's just a reproduction of the fact that the sky is blue, like a painting can be reproduced.

My best guess is that it's actually talking about documents.  But I don't understand why it should matter if you have the original document.  It has the same information in it regardless of whether it's a copy or the original.

What is the difference between availability and access?  There is no difference, this class is a bunch of bullshit.

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