Monday, January 7, 2013

Cheated academically

Some idiot just said that it's unlibertarian of me to be mad at the school system I was forced to take part in for pretending to educate me for 11 years so that I was directed away from actually getting educated.

I made a post on facebook about how I feel cheated academically by the government schools, just like some people feel academically cheated by their homeschooling.  And this person said "for a libertarian, [name], you take awfully little responsibility upon yourself; I am self-taught in several subjects, and published in them also."  But OH MY GOD YOU IDIOT I'm not saying someone else should be teaching me stuff right now!  I'm saying this organization that claimed it was going to educate me did no such fucking thing.  What the hell is wrong with me giving a review of a supposed service I was forced to take?

If I had chosen freely to pay for their service and then it sucked, everyone would expect me to share my experience that their service sucked and people should not use them.  But it's even worse than that.  They didn't just offer a terrible service.  They forced a terrible service on me, claiming that it was good for me, and I was a child, and my intellectual growth was stunted by them.

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