Thursday, January 24, 2013

thinking about math degree again

CPSC 2380 Data Structures and Algorithms
CPSC 3380 Operating Systems
or CPSC 3370 Net-centric Computing: Systems Concepts
One three-hour upper-level computer science course

Then two more math classes for BA.  Don't know if core.

I can't check the stupid catalog because I can't find the old one online.  5 classes to get BA plus core I guess.  I think I need 6 more core classes.  I was wondering if there was a way to get out of them by getting AS first, but it doesn't seem like it.  If there is, then well, you still have to take 30 hours after so I would have to take 9 random hours in the summer 2014, versus taking an extra 3 classes but finishing in the spring?  11 classes.  I can take 4 in fall, 4 in spring, so I have to take 3 in summer.  God.  I have to take those shitty awful core classes this summer.  I should have 1300$, I hope I have it, I hope it gets put in my account with no problem.  According to the estimator, I'd need an extra 1000$ to do that.  Shit.  Why so much?  Well.  Ugh.  I should find out for sure if AS replaces core then.  If it does, then yeah.  If it doesn't, take what I can in summer.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

stupid school work

Authenticity of information: the quality or state of being genuine or original, rather than a reproduction or

This is from a vocabulary list for my class.  This definition makes no sense.  I would expect "authenticity of information" to mean the same thing as "accuracy".  Information can't be the original.  You can't fabricate information.  Information is conceptual, not a physical thing.  If information can be authentic, that means that it can be inauthentic, which means that if I told someone that the sky is blue, they could ask me if that's the original or if it's just a reproduction of the fact that the sky is blue, like a painting can be reproduced.

My best guess is that it's actually talking about documents.  But I don't understand why it should matter if you have the original document.  It has the same information in it regardless of whether it's a copy or the original.

What is the difference between availability and access?  There is no difference, this class is a bunch of bullshit.


One day when I was in that hell-hole of 7th grade, a classmate told me that the reason boys didn't like me was because I didn't wear make-up.  I was shocked.  Really, people are that shallow?  But I thought, it's like a game, and I know how to win now.  I thought, "If that's what they want, then that's what I'll do."  So the next day I wore a small amount of make-up.  A few people complimented me on it.  After the first person said something, I knew it was a mistake.  I realized that I didn't want to wear make-up.  If that was what it took to get boys to like me, then forget the boys.  I didn't want to dress up to get them as part of a game.

Some people wear make-up as part of a costume, and that's different.  Like, they wear outrageous make-up as part of their outrageous outfits.  That might be silly, but it's a different issue.  Most women wear make-up as part of the game to get/impress men.  That's gross.  I did it for one day and realized how gross it was.  So why haven't all those other people figured it out?

Also victora secret go die in a fire.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

gay, straight, whatever

I've decided that those labels don't matter.  Like, there are some people who are asexual, they're not interested in having sex at all, but they can fall in love.  Sex just isn't part of it for them.  So gay, straight?  Those words don't make sense.  And anyway who says that sexual attraction is all one thing?  Just because you want to do one sexual thing with a certain person doesn't mean you want to do anything else with them.  And then couldn't there be different kinds of falling in love too?  So I can't even really say I'm biromantic or anything like that, because it's not that simple.  That makes it sound like love is this one particular thing, it's binary, it's either on or off.  Nope.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Trying to explain it to idiot.

Would you say that I have to take responsibility for what I ate as a child, even though I was a child and didn't have the means to buy food for myself and couldn't ever trade my labor for food because the entire society around me is against letting children do that, so I have no choice but to eat from what my parents provide, and my parents provide only unhealthy food, and I don't even have any way of knowing that it's unhealthy because my parents don't tell me and the schools which claim to provide for my education don't tell me, so when I'm an adult I'm all fat and unhealthy, and I figure out what the problem is and I take it upon myself to learn to eat better and improve my health, but I still want to tell everyone that the school system which claimed to serve children failed me because they let me be unhealthy all that time I was being "educated" by them, even though they claimed to be so good for me.  Children are not responsible for how their parents raise them, and that includes the choice to send them to a school, so if the school sucks, it's not the kid's fault.  I'd like other people not to have the same experience I had.  I'd like people from now on to not be intellectually stunted.  I'm TAKING responsibility for educating myself now, but it's NOT my fault that no one told me about calculus when I was a kid.  It's not my fault that there was so much I wasn't exposed to as a kid.  Why is it not my fault?  Because I was a CHILD.  i was a child at the mercy of my parents and whatever other adults they put in charge of me.  Wouldn't it have been better if I'd been told about the existence of calculus and many other things a lot sooner?  Yes.  And shouldn't an organization that claims to be all about educating children do the best thing?  Yes, they should.  The school system stunted my intellectual growth, which is the exact opposite of what they claim to do and what people expect them to do.  And, what, I'm supposed to just keep quiet about that?  No.  People need to know.

About any piece of information, I could say, "Why didn't anyone tell me!?"  And you're saying that as a libertarian I shouldn't expect anyone to tell me.  But an organization that claims it's going to educate me should definitely be expected to tell me.  Otherwise, their service sucks, and in this case it's even worse than that because the service was forced on me.  And it sucked and it stunted my intellectual growth.

Cheated academically

Some idiot just said that it's unlibertarian of me to be mad at the school system I was forced to take part in for pretending to educate me for 11 years so that I was directed away from actually getting educated.

I made a post on facebook about how I feel cheated academically by the government schools, just like some people feel academically cheated by their homeschooling.  And this person said "for a libertarian, [name], you take awfully little responsibility upon yourself; I am self-taught in several subjects, and published in them also."  But OH MY GOD YOU IDIOT I'm not saying someone else should be teaching me stuff right now!  I'm saying this organization that claimed it was going to educate me did no such fucking thing.  What the hell is wrong with me giving a review of a supposed service I was forced to take?

If I had chosen freely to pay for their service and then it sucked, everyone would expect me to share my experience that their service sucked and people should not use them.  But it's even worse than that.  They didn't just offer a terrible service.  They forced a terrible service on me, claiming that it was good for me, and I was a child, and my intellectual growth was stunted by them.

Friday, January 4, 2013

laptop, hindi

I just got a new 'puter.  It's a chromebook.  It's my first laptop, my second computer.  So now I'm being confused by google plus.

I decided to memorize all the words in the first five chapters of my hindi book.  I've gone through about 180 of them, though I don't think I actually have them all completely memorized.  Still, after I finish this, I'm going to go memorize more of them, and then I'm going to do translations and stuff from the exercises.  It's about 350 words.  I only know one verb so far.