Saturday, October 13, 2012


I haven't been even coming here very much because I am in skewl and I didn't bring my computer with me, so I have to use a computer on campus, and blah.

I decided to do an associates in programming, and even though the advisor is against it, I think I can finish it next semester, though I will have to send the transcript from tarleton, because there's ONE class that I took there that I need for this degree.  Or I could just like take a cleppy test for it or something, lol.  IDK.  Anyway, I have an A in programming right now, and I don't think I have an A in any of my other classes.

Some random guy came up to me in the student center and introduced himself and then told me I was hot, and asked if I was afraid to date a black guy.

K, that's all.

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