Saturday, September 22, 2012

school and stuff

It's been four weeks of school now, and I kind of fell behind a little, but now I'm catching up again.  I wanted to start a club, but I don't really think I have time to do that and get A's in all my classes.  Maybe I won't get A's anyway, but I think I need to try to get the best grades possible, because I want to apply for scholarships for the spring.  I just looked it up and my gpa is a 2.93.  It probably needs to be above a 3.0 to get scholarships.  I'm retaking one of the classes I failed/quit going to the last time I was in skewl.  I just checked the mathies, and I only have to get a C in that class to get my gpa above 3.0, but then of course i have to get at least a B in everything else.  Math history I think will be easy, I think.  It would have been nice to retake it math history 1, hrm, but they weren't offering it, so the same thing won't happen with that, though I could maybe retake it later.  meh.  Anyway, spanish eh, I think I can get a B in that, maybe an A.  Pols, I have no idea really.  I'll be relieved if i just get a C.  I think programming I'll get an A in, and phil, idk.  Anyway, in other news, I added a 5th class, which I mentioned a moment ago:  Programming 1, and the lab for it.  So it costed another $1025, but I decided to also do the associate's degree in computer programming, which, I predict, will be more useful in regards to getting a job, than the math BA.  Also I'm maybe going to get a major in spanish too.  Anyway, I added programming 1, four weeks into the semester, because then next semester that opens up two more CS classes I can take.  So anyway blah blah blah, I was not wanting to stay here because this place is stupid and arkansasy, but Nicole is here, and I'm currently also dating someone here, so that's nice.  They talk like they think we're going to be dating for a while.  They wanted me to stay here longer, they got me thinking about the cs degree, they apparently also want me to go to graduate school here, but idt i can go that far with it.  I want to go back to texas.  Or oklahoma, but probably texas.  So I'm going to be here for 2 years, if all goes to the current plan.
I've decided to call nicole and jesse both "they" for a while.  It's hard to jump straight to using the pronoun "sim", since it's not really an english word, or any kind of word, and you can see that people are confused when you use it.  Also, people are obviously confused when you call someone who looks unambiguously male "she", or when you calls someone who looks unambiguously female "he".  So I'm going to use "they" and I'm going to ask jesse and nicole to use "they" for now too.