Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I've read 26 pages today.

12 hours at 12 pages per hour would be 144 pages.  I normally watch tv pretty much continuously all day, but today I only watched 3 shows and in between that I turned the tv off.  But I went places with my mom for a couple of hours and then there was eating time, but actually that coincided with watching tv, so really it was only 5 hours of doing other crap, but there's also just little times of wandering around doing nothing, or going to the bathroom, or whatever.  Also, I woke up at 1:30.  So I've been awak for almost twelve hours, and 5 hours were devoted to other things, and I got 2:10 worth of reading done, so about 5 hours are unaccounted for.  Um seriously what did I do during that time?
So I supposedly have another 4 hours of waking time.  So that would be 48 pages, out of the 118 I wish I could complete.  Well, as long as I'm wishing for things....  Or maybe I can read faster than that.  IDK.  I'm a go try but I have been reading a lot, or so it feels, so I'm going to take a break till 2:00.

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  1. I like what you have going on here. Basically taking your spare time and making it productive by learning something or doing some constructive and not just wasting time. Good inspiration!