Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I was on lovejoyfeminism, and someone started telling me that I should not adopt an infant.  I invited them to my blog to leave me more information.  So I'm making this post in case that person comes here.


  1. Hi! There are many problems with infant adoption as it is in the US and internationally.

    #1 is coercion. Coercion is a huge issue in infant adoption. Many, but not all crisis pregnancy centers are partnered with adoption centers in ways that make them nearly indistinguishable.





    #2 is that many orphans, especially in international adoptions, are created specifically for adoption. Outright fraud and bribery are also major issues in international adoption as well as the fact that many parents in other countries have an extremely different idea of what adoption is.



    #3 is that many infant adoption laws in the US are geared at screwing over the father. Utah is the worst in the nation as this.


    Why is this a woman issue? The religious and patriarchal establishments in the US have a vested interest in keeping children in married, Christian, families. The LDS church outright discourages women from keeping their children if they are not married. Many fundamentalist and other groups also encourage adoption as they believe that a single parent is not fit in any capacity. Just look at how much adoption is promoted within various church circles! All to often, it is painted as a way for the mother to get a fresh start in life but for many women who do give up their child, it's not a fresh start at all.

    As to why this is a feminist issue in general:



  2. Thank you :)
    I'm gonna start looking at these links now.