Thursday, May 3, 2012

If gender roles are natural, then why do they have to be enforced?

If they're natural, then why is there ever a boy who wants to wear a dress?  There are people who think it's really important to make girls "act like girls".  But, is being a girl just a biological fact, or is it a set of behaviours?  Is it natural, or is it imposed?  They say it's natural, but then they impose it.  If a kid wants a toy that's meant for the other gender, people tend to freak out.  I guess maybe it's because they think that the different behaviours are natural, but then there are outliers.  But then instead of just letting those outliers be themselves, you have to force them to be normal.  Well at least I maybe understand what they're thinking now.  I still think they're stupid and wrong, though.

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