Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is what happend with Ed.

I saw Ed playing DDR one day.  He was amazingly good at it.
I talked to him.  He seemed to like me.
After a week or two, I lost interest.
Then another DDRer showed me an entry on Ed's xanga where he seemed to be talking about me, though he never mentioned me by name.  The xanga entry made it sound like he liked me a lot.  So I decided to talk to him more and see if I liked him again.
A week or so after that, I was in the middle of playing DDR, and I happened to glance around me, and I saw Ed kissing someone.  I noticed that the kiss looked really awkward, as if they had just said, "Hey, let's kiss now."  I thought, welp, guess he's not interested anymore.
A couple of weeks later, a thread appeared on bemanitx, a forum where a bunch of people from that arcade posted.  It was directed at me.  It was Ed saying how he didn't like me and I needed to back off and leave him alone.  He said that he had staged that kiss to try to "hint" to me that he wasn't interested.  I read through the entire 3 pages that had appeared thus far.  It was mostly people posting insulting things about me.  I posted and told him that I had indeed seen the kiss, but I hadn't found that to be cause enough to stop talking to him.  He was, after all, still a person, and still a fellow DDRer.  I said that, while I liked him for a week or two, ever since then I had just been being friendly, and it really isn't my fault that he misinterpreted that as a come-on.  And, I didn't tell him this, but why exactly did he stage a kiss for me to see when I was on the DDR stage in the middle of playing?  I happened to see it, but wasn't that just a fluke?  How did he know I would turn then?  Anyway, his response to me saying that I had just been being friendly was, "BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"  Ed was certain that I was hopelessly in love with him and was now just trying to save face.  The thread went on for a while longer, as we argued over other stupid random things, and when I say we argued, I mean Ed made wild and stupid accusations, and I tried to explain to him why he was wrong.  Other people kept posting too, throwing their two cents into the idiocy.  Ed said he never wanted to talk to me again.  I didn't consider that to be a big loss, but I was upset over the fact that someone could be so crazy and irrational and hate me so much, and over the mean things other posters had said about me.  Finally, a moderator deleted the thread.
I saw Ed about a year later.  I was working at Wendy's.  An old man was ordering some food for him and his family.  I asked what kind of drink on the meals, then he said his grandson could come over and say what kind of drink he wanted for his meal.  The grandson was Ed.  As soon as Ed saw that the cashier was ME, he turned and faced the opposite way and crossed his arms over his chest.  I started shaking at the though of having a face-to-face confrontation.  One of the managers saw that I was freaking out, and had me go off and clean trays while another cashier finished the order.  Ed went up and gave his drink order to my replacement.  I didn't speak to Ed or anything.  I didn't even get another glimpse of him after that.
I haven't seen him or interacted with him at all since then, at least as far as I know.  Maybe some random person on the internet was him and I just didn't know it.

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