Sunday, April 22, 2012

I've decided to purge my speech ...

... of certain insults and explitives.

I'm not sure how to delineate the entire categorie.  I mean, it's like I want to stop using words that are insulting.  But when it comes to the words that are used as insults, I mean insulting insults.  I mean, ones that insult the person you're trying to insult by insulting other completely innocent people.

Fuck - It contains the idea that sex is violence that a man commits against another, weaker person.
Bitch - It's sexist because it means a female breeding dog, and because it's mostly aimed at women, and because it implies something negative about a woman's appearance and also implies that a woman being ugly makes her worthless.
Bastard - There's nothing wrong with being born to unmarried parents.

There's a lot of other words that I'm not sure about.  Like "shit", and "stupid".  But anyway I'm going to start with those three, and also "asshole" and "dick".

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