Monday, April 23, 2012

How does 25 cents feed an african for a day?

Is the cost of food really so inflated in america?  I can't eat for less than 3$ a day, and that's a bare minimum.  But where are they buying the food that they give to the starving africans?  If they buy it in america, then it should cost just as much as my food.  I've always thought that the reason africans were starving was because there wasn't enough food in africa.  If that's the case, then they'd have to be buying the food in america or something, so how is it so cheap?

I currently buy stupid shitty expensive food every day.  I buy some good cheap food too, but I haven't completely gotten away from poptarts and frozen pizza.  (Speaking of which, god I want some poptarts.  I was at the store earlier and I almost got some.  The thing is that they are only yummy for about 3 bites, so I decided it was a waste of money.)  But if I stopped eating that shit and I just bought the cheap, healthy, necessary food, I could cut my food budget down enough that it would free up enough money to donate to one of those charities.  But I don't have my own money right now.  My mom buys my food.  And even if I ate really cheaply for several months, my mom still wouldn't donate any money to a charity.  And if I brought it up right now, she would say that I would just keep buying the expensive food even after we donated money.

I live in an authoritarian environment, which causes me to expand to fill whatever room the rules leave.  I see it, and I hate it, but I can't stand the immediate indignity of submitting to my mom even when I know that that same behaviour leads to a greater but more remote different dignity.

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